A guest post from D.F. Worth, as he takes a look at the lighter side of hunting and today, walks us through his key pieces of gear for the 2011 season!

My Gear For 2011

In the past couple weeks I have realized a few things. First, I am not a big enough d-bag to shop at the Buckle and second, I spend a lot of money on hunting gear every year!  In the following I will talk about some of the products I bring in the woods and some superstitions that I think make me a better deer hunter.

Lucky Hat – I will literally not go in the woods without this hat.  This hat along with my beard makes me look like Fidel Castro.  Funny thing, but it is one of those items that brings me some extra confidence in the timber.  What’s your lucky charm?   To see my lucky hat check out Whitetails Inc. Episode 8 – “9 Fingers; No Problem” 

Facial Hair –  If you want to be a hunting bada$$ you have to look the part, and nothing says “Hey Deer – I want to kill you” like a sweet trucker mustache or a grizzled beard.  The more out of control the better.  It only took me 26 years to grow a somewhat respectable beard; I am now 30 and on the brink of growing the best “Hammer” ever.  Ladies, you can always buy a fake stache or beard and wear it in the stand… the deer will appreciate the gesture.  Do me a favor and take part in No-Shave November (or if you’re me No-Shave August, September, October, and November), then take a picture of your best facial foliage and post in on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page.

Hammer – a trucker stache but with way more attitude. 

Ozonics – I’m sure by now you have at least heard of this scent elimination/control product.  Just like the rest of the people out there I was hesitant to use it, just one more thing to carry into the woods.  It took about 3 weeks of solid hunting for me to see the “perfect scenario” but when it happened… Holy crap!  I had a 4½ year old downwind of me for over 5 minutes, curious, but not on full alert. That just doesn’t happen.  This past season while in the tree I did not get blown at one time, believe it or not.  I showered less and washed my camo less, saving me time and money.  This is one of those products that you have to try for yourself and make your own opinion.  But I can tell you right now it works better than any so-called scent control clothing. It’s science.   Learn more about Ozonics at www.ozonicshunting.com

Lone Wolf Tree Stands – In the past I used a ladder stand, that was until I realized bow hunting whitetails was a mobile sport.  You have to be able to change your location depending on deer movement and active sign and trying to quietly move and set up a ladder stand on a run-n-gun set is damn near impossible.  Let’s not forget how easy the Lone Wolf and Muddy climbing sticks are to set up and take down too.  Also, I don’t own my own property so leaving a stand up all year around is not an option because of Timber Pirates.  I also use some Muddy stands as well, anything portable will do the trick.

Timber Pirate – someone who steals tree stands, trail cameras, and shed poaches. Total tools!


Elite Pure – Just like Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge, there are several bow brands out there and every person has their own opinion.  Whether it’s because of an opinion someone has formed for themselves or an opinion given to them by a large marketing budget.  I am able to attend the ATA show every year and several deer classics throughout the Midwest where I shoot every new bow model on the market, and I keep coming back to Elite.  Smooth draw, solid valley, all the power a guy could need.  Although Elite is a WKP sponsor I am not obligated to shoot an Elite, I do so because it fits all of my needs and if the day comes where something I like better comes along I will certainly give it a try.   Take a look at some of the bows from Elite at www.elitearchery.com

Arrows:  Easton Axis 300’s – this year I took a step up and went with a stiffer spine and my accuracy actually improved.

Rest:  RipChord

Sight:  Vital Bow Gear Single Pin – I have used this same sight set up for the last 3 years and will use it until it breaks.

Broadhead’s:  Spitfire Maxx

Binoculars:  Vortex – this is another item I will not go in the woods without. My goal is to see them before they see me.

We all use different products and have loyalty to certain brands.  Over the past couple years I have become more of an archery gear-head and am very interested in learning what products you won’t go in the woods without and why you use them.  Let us know what your setup is for 2011 in the comment section below!

Lastly and most important… Wear your safety harness!

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Stay Wired!

D. F. Worth