Lows of 34. Is that not a beautiful thing to hear for October 1? To make it even sweeter, that 34 degree temperature will be gracing us on the opening day of archery season here in Michigan. You can’t ask for much better news than that. So with great excitement, I’ll patiently await tomorrow morning and the promise it might bring. But until then, in between checking gear, watching Escanaba in Da Moonlight, having a pre-season beer and saying my prayers, I’m going to do a little last minute prep work in the form of reading up on whitetails. And if you’re doing the same, you might want to check out the deer hunting blog posts listed below. We’ve got some great stuff today.

So good luck this weekend, shoot straight and stay wired!

Hunting Deer Scrapes pt 2 – Creating a Mock Scrape – Bowhunting.com: In depth details into creating mock scrapes, which I actually tried for the first time this September!

Seven Things To Know About Temperature and Deer Activity – Big Buck Zone: Interesting insights into how deer are effected by weather and different movement patterns that have been correlated to certain climate changes.

How Big Bucks Break Their Antlers – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: The title says it all, quick read on reasons why big bucks sometimes break those impressive racks.

Kansas Monster Bow Buck – 192  – Mike  Hanback’s Big Deer: BIG buck. Need I say more?

Nocturnal Bucks – Growing Deer TV Blog: Thoughts from Dr. Grant Woods on nocturnal bucks and why  you may or may not want to pursue them

Iowa Girl Tags Giant Whitetail – Realtree.com: Great big buck story featuring a young girl getting it done on a monster!