Joe Sir of Hallowed Ground Outdoors on The Sportsman Channel recently put down this beautiful eight pointer in Northern Missouri. Big congrats and a job well done Joe! – MK

“Shot this 8 pointer at 47 yards this past weekend on the Muddy Ranch in Northern Missouri. Along with this buck, there was a 3 yr old 150 inch 10 at 35 yards and a 2 yr old 125 inch 8 at 40 yards.  The Big 8 was what we wanted from a QDMA standpoint and we were blessed to get the job done.

Also harvested a doe 10 minutes later and then as we were taking pictures in the woods the next morning a doe came walking down the ridge and shot her at 10 yards off the ground. It was an incredible weekend, outstanding footage, and its going to make one heck of an episode.”

For more info on Hallow Ground Outdoors , visit their website here… Hallowed Ground Outdoors