Without a doubt I was pumped earlier this fall when I heard from the grapevine  that Lucas “Psycho” Cayko of White Knuckle Productions had dropped a big ole buck in North Dakota. Having spent some time with him this summer at the WKP Film School, I knew he was well deserving of this giant whitetail. So big congrats to Psycho and send some of that luck down here to MI! – MK

“Well I managed to beat the brutal cold of North Dakota to the punch this year, by wrapping my bow tag around this 160 inch buck I took the evening of September 14th, 2011. I had acquired trailcam pictures and some velvet footage during the summer leading up to this season. So I had a good idea of where I might be able to intersect him going from bed to feed or vice versa. I started my season playing it really safe, only hunting him when my wind was absolutely perfect. I had a couple sightings and one close encounter one morning at ten yards a couple days before I killed him. Finally, on Sept. 14th I had the wind needed to hunt the tree I felt was my best chance in the evening to put an arrow in him. I was right. He did exactly what I expected him to and I was able to release my arrow on him at 28 yards from my Elite Hunter bow. With that, I had my largest public land North Dakota whitetail on the ground and I couldn’t have been happier. For the rest of the details on this hunt you will just have to check it out on Whitetails Inc. Coming soon!

Good luck to everyone and hunt safe! ” – Lucas “PSYCHO” Cayko

To catch previous episodes of Whitetails Inc, visit WhitetailsInc.com and look for this hunt on a White Knuckle Productions DVD soon.