No beating around the bushes today! It’s hunting season and you’ve got deer to kill! I’m no different, and being particularly busy last week I missed getting the Friday Morning Mashup online in time, so I figured I better still get it to you today!

So if you have some free time in between hunts this week, check out the deer hunting blog posts below from across the world wide web. Hopefully theres a tip or two that can help you bag the big one!

How Barometric Pressure Affects Deer Movement – Big Buck Zone: Interesting analysis of what barometric pressure levels produce the most deer activity.

Are Morning Hunts More Harm Than Good? – A look at the possibility of why morning hunts could be more of a detriment to your success in the early season than you thought. Interesting thought.

See More Deer – Stop Hunting Field Edges – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: The title says it all. Suggestions on why hunting field edges may be hurting your chances of seeing more deer, especially mature ones.

Deer Movement Related To Weather – Growing Deer TV: Another look at how different weather patterns can affect the movement of deer during daylight hours, this one from Dr. Grant Woods.

Use Rub Lines to Track Specific Bucks – Whitetail 365: Here’s something I’ve never heard of. Tracking specific bucks by identifying their rubs…interesting.