The dreaded “October Lull” is just about upon us and from what I’ve heard personally, deer sightings are already on the decline. For those of you not familiar, the “October Lull” is a timeframe towards the middle of October, characterized by a marked decline in deer sightings for hunters. The causes are debated by many hunters, but I think they are fairly easy to understand.

First, with many bow seasons kicking into gear towards the beginning of October, hunting pressure is finally bothering deer enough to change their habits. While actual deer activity is increasing steadily through October, more of it happens at night during this mid October period to avoid the recent onset of hunters. In addition to the effects of pressure, the falling of the leaves has reduced the available cover for deer and pushed deer to seek thicker areas. Changing food sources and the beginning of the harvest of crops also throws a wrench in the once predictable patterns of the local deer herd. So with all this change, how can you still find success?

Thats a good question, isn’t it? And it’s one I’m actually asking you today. I know everyone has their own set of strategies for hunting this timeframe and I would love to hear your opinions. If we all share a tactic or two, in the end this should be a great resource, aggregating a lot of different peoples ideas for hunting one of the toughest times of the year!

So let’s hear it. How do you hunt the “October Lull”?

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