The “October Lull” is here, but success can still be had. So keep hunting hard and be smart. A few more weeks and things will really start kicking in gear. So if you have time, read up on the great deer hunting blog posts below. We’ve got a few good tips and a handful of great success stories. Hopefully just the thing to help you power through these middle of October weeks!

And one last thing, at the risk of alienating some of my local Michigan readers, Go Green! Go White! Beat Michigan!  🙂

Call Better By Learning To Read Deer Body Language – Whitetail 365: Good tips on how to properly interpret deer body language, to help you call more effectively and appropriately.

14 Year Old Shoots 22 Point Velvet Buck – Big Buck Zone: Heck of a buck shot by a 14 year old girl in my home state, pretty interesting that this buck was still in velvet too.

Arkansas: Massic Xbow Buck – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Here’s your deer porn for the day, this is one giant, heavy racked whitetail. Impressive to say the least.

Patterning Whitetails with Trail Cameras and BB2 – Big & J TV: Great video showcasing tips for using your trailcams and an attractant like BB2 to better understand what deer are in your area, and how they’re using your property.

Early Season Buck – Non-Typical Hunter: Another great success story for the next generation of hunters. Here’s a young mans story from Illinois of the monster buck he shot earlier this year.