The White Knuckle Productions crew went on an early season tear, with Pyscho and now Jason Syens putting down great bucks. Jason put together a terrific story of his hunt, and I’m pumped to be able to share it with you all. Congrats again Jason and enjoy the read folks! – MK

“I would have never guessed the night of September 28th would have turned out the way that it did.  On the drive over to the farm that afternoon I can remember thinking of the time that I shot my first buck ever with the bow, out of that very field we were going to be hunting.  I hadn’t shot a deer out of that field since that September day in 1989.  This spot is a great place to see a ton of deer but the chances of getting close to a good one were slim.  I just needed to get out.

Going into that night, I knew in the back of my head we had a few things going right.  One was a lack of intrusion into that area.  Another was keeping our trail camera’s on the fringes this year, we didn’t even go in that food plot at all.  And lastly, we finally had some high pressure and some cooler temps.

So we set up our Huntmore Stools, positioned the Ozonics machine, and settled in for the hunt.  It wasn’t long and we had 3 deer come out in front of the blind into the food plot.  For the rest of the night we had deer in and out of the field all around us, thank God for the Ozonics machine or we would have been listening to deer blowing all night.

At about 6:20 a parade of deer started out of the corner we were hunting.  First it was a string of does and fawns and then a string of bucks, one of them a 4 year old 10 that had his right side broke off.  While the bucks were feeding in the field and sparing, I noticed that they would periodically look back at the corner and stare.  At that moment I said to Sam, “A big buck is going to come out of that corner soon”.  I no more than spoke those words and “Splitter” stepped out and I was completely shocked.  This was a deer we knew well, trail cam photos and shed antlers, and a few encounters with no shots.

He started to quickly close the gap and I wasn’t sure if I wanted my season to end.  As he got closer, I knew my decision was made.  Check out the upcoming White Knuckle Productions video to see the whole story.  I guess I’m in the tree with a camera for the rest of the year.  Dave is up next and we have many on the hit list. Good luck and safe hunting.” –   Jason

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