Here’s another great success story from southern Ohio in September, which inevitably has got me even more pumped for my southern Ohio rut hunt! Take a look at an excerpt of Logan’s great story below, and then read the full account on the Greenback Tactical Hunters blog. Big congrats to Logan! – MK

“At around 6:45 PM, Chad noticed a deer walking towards us over an open cow pasture some 400+ yards away. He said, “Awhh, he’s just a young buck Logan.” Apparently, Chad was looking at the second buck in line because when I threw my binoculars up, all I could see was a giant brow tine. I looked at Chad and said, “Yea, he’s not that big,” in an attempt to lower my blood pressure because this deer was anything but small. He proceeded to walk straight to us, hopped the fence at 25 yards, and come right by the stand no further than 15 yards from us. I put the pin on his side and released the arrow, and when I saw the impact, I knew I hit him high. I was absolutely sick to my stomach… all the months of practicing at 50-60 yards came down to a 15 yard shot that I was ill prepared for. I almost couldn’t even breathe.

We opted to get down out of the tree because we still had adequate light to see what kind of blood we drew. Sure enough, we found the arrow immediately…and it was covered from tip to noch with what every bowhunter wants to see–good solid lung blood. We took 10 steps around the bend, and just 50 yards away laid the reward of countless hours of hard work and anticipation. ” – Logan McNulty

To learn more about the Greenback Tactical Hunters and to watch some of their episodes, visit their website here.