Do you see that right there? Just above? That’s a red hot fresh scrape, just yards from the stand I hunted yesterday morning. Let me tell you what. After seeing three of these on the way out of my stand, I was getting pretty jacked. Nothing gets you excited for the rut more than fresh rubs and scrapes. And it’s starting to kick off, thats for sure. With three fresh scrapes and three fresh rubs spotted, its feeling like gametime is approaching. And boy do I like that.

So as we’re all gearing up for the whitetail superbowl (the rut, of course), it’s also important to keep up on important strategies and news! So in your down time this weekend, check out the great deer hunting blog posts below. Until next week, good luck and shoot straight!

Whitetail Tips: Ambush Mature Bucks with Setback Stand – Big Buck Zone: Very interesting strategy for targeting mature bucks. Essentially this tactic takes advantage of the fact that mature bucks will pattern you the hunter, and adjust their travel routes. The key is to be one step ahead of them. If you do nothing else, read this. Super intriguing.

Wisconsin Hopes “Dr Deer” Will Improve Its Deer Program – Dr. James Kroll has been named Wisconsin’s new “Deer Czar”, responsible for mapping a new strategy for their deer management program. Once again, Wisconsin’s deer management is a hot topic.

Should You Use A Deer Decoy – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Great read from Dan Schmidt, as he outlines thoughts on using decoys.

Track Rut Behavior Year To Year By Keeping a Journal – Whitetail 365: Interested in better understanding the ebbs and flows of the rut? What better to look back on than your own experiences? Here are a few thoughts on using a journal to do just that.

Stand Placement – Trophy Ridge Blog: Great article by Jason Smith of Whitetail Properties, as he outlines strategies for great stand placement. Great insight here!