Lets be honest. We’re all suckers for rut predictions. Who wouldn’t love to peer into a crystal ball and see stiff legged, fat necked bucks on the prowl, with the exact dates of their day time movement labeled for all to see! Unfortunately no such crystal ball exisits.

But, as well know, that still hasn’t stopped people from trying. So in addition to Charlie Alsheimer’s infamous moon based rut predictions, we now have Field & Streams annual Best days of the Rut! So to help you wrap your ahead around this, I figured I’d give you the cliff notes version of these “best days of the rut”. Drum roll please…

October 31: The unofficial kick off of the rut, F&S predicts this day should be your first look at the “seeking” phase. Recommendations are to find hot sign near the best food sources and connect the dots between this food source and his bed. Narrow that down to a tree, and wait it out.

November 4: Word is that this should be the transition from the “seeking” phase to the “chasing” phase, and obviously that means big bucks on their feet! F&S predicts that the first does ought to start coming into estrus and this will trigger some heavy action in the daytime. It’s recommended you hunt all day too!

November 7: This day is predicted to be a continuation of the chase that began on the 4th. Big bucks chasing, fighting and generally acting crazy. Sounds like a good day to be in the woods, right? Field & Stream’s tips today are to sit in major funnels like creekbottoms, bushy fencerows and intersecting ridges.

November 12: Here it is, Field & Stream’s pick for the best dang day of the rut! Why is that? Because, according to best guesses, this should be the day where the majority of does come into heat. Setting off a whirlwind of activity. Tips for today? Plop down in the middle of a doe bedding area and hold onto your shorts. Things could get crazy.

November 19: Here’s a rut day that falls within many states’ firearm seasons, so if you have a thunder boomer in hand, it could be your day. That increased pressure could help stir things up even more as the rut continues on. Some bucks could be locked down now, but adjusting your strategy to account for rutting acitvity and hunting pressure can lead to success.

November 23: Today we’re nearing the end of the rut, but Field & Streams brightest whitetail genius’ explain that the big boys will still be hard at it. A few does will still be hot, and the mature bucks are the last ones still in the game. If you’re more interested in big bucks, than lots of bucks, this is your time.

December 7: This last day signals the approach of the “second rut”, as does not bred yet can cycle back into estrus. Additionally some fawns will be ready to breed too, so look for a slight reappearance of rutting activity. Food sources are the name of the game.

Any thoughts on their “best days”? Keep us posted if your success falls on any of these days! Oct 31 is quickly approaching…

For more Rut info from Field & Stream, visit their Rut Reporters website.