The buck in this photo seems to be saying  “BRING IT ON”  as it stares into the red eyes of the trail camera.  His pose is that of a college linebacker showcasing  a muscular neck, confident stare, and busted up head gear he wears as a badge of honor. He is battle tested and willing to do whatever it takes to find and defend his mate…even fighting to the death.  We know the bucks are ready for the rut…. but are you?

To help you prepare for the climax of our whitetail season, I plan on bringing you rut hunting tips every day of the working week, for the next two weeks! And that all begins today, with a Friday Morning Mashup of great rut hunting articles. Study up and then hunt hard. It’s show time!

Buck Chasing A Doe , Here’s Why You Should Stay Put – Cabelas Deer Nation: Good blurb on why it’s probably a good idea to stay put sometimes, and not go chasing bucks around everywhere you see them.

Rut Signs On Again, Off Again – Rut Reporters: Scott Bestul updates us on the latest in rutting activity this week across most the Midwest. Long storyshort, it’s here and there, but not everywhere…

When Are The Best Days To Hunt The Rut – Petersen’s Bowhunting: The always informative Bill Winke gives us some pointers on the best days to hunt during the rut, especially if you’re hoping to see a mature buck.

Find The First Hot Does To Tag  A Trophy Now – Rut Reporters: Here is a major key to success, and one that Bill Winke mentions in the article above. You’ve got to be in the woods when that first doe comes intro estrus.

Five Things You Should Know Before Hunting A Sanctuary – North American Whitetail: The rut is a great time to dive into those sanctuary areas that you’ve left alone all year. If you’re ever going to go in, this is the time. So here are a few suggestions for how to properly approach the situation.

Best Days of the Rut : Oct 31 – Field & Stream: If you saw my post earlier this week about Field & Stream’s best days of the rut, you’ll know that Halloween day is the first they list. Here are some more details about why this day is predicted to be so good.