The big bucks have continued to fall for the White Knuckle Productions crew and Jordan Frerich continued this trend in a big way with this giant Illinois buck. Congrats to Jordan and the WKP team! – MK

“The big 10 pointer made its way towards me feeding on acorns at around 40 yards.  He milled around me for around 5 minutes and finally made his way past me! For the second time, I passed this 155 inch incredible 3 year old without picking up my bow! The light for videoing was fading due to being in the timber so I knew if a big boy came in it would have to be quick! Not even 15 minutes after, the woods blew up with action! I had deer coming all directions! I had two does feeding 30 yards from me when all the sudden they bolted. Then, expecting to see coyotes moving through, there he was! The mature buck I was looking for. He stepped into the same spot as the does and I got the cam on him. I waited for him to turn broadside, zoomed out a bit, drew back and sent the arrow flying! The hit was a little bit back but I knew I had to have gotten liver. Two hours later and at the end of an 80 yard bloodtrail I was one of the happiest hunters in the world holding my best buck to date. A 164 inch Illinois buck!! I lived the high life shooting the biggest buck yet, and capturing the event unfolding on video made it just that much sweeter!” – Jordan Frerich

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