As promised, our rut hunting tip marathon continues today with a core principle of successful rut hunting. The key to success during the rut is hunting where the does are and one of the best examples of this is hunting near their bedding areas. By this time of the year, you should be pretty familiar with where the main doe bedding areas are on your property. Now identify which ones you can access stealthily in the morning and plan to head in soon. Once your bedding areas are chosen, you’ll want to now set up on the downwind side. Rather than crashing headfirst into bedding areas, mature bucks are a little more efficient. To make their search for hot does as succesful as possible, mature bucks will cruise downwind of doe bedding areas and scent check them for does coming into estrus. If they don’t smell what they’re looking for, they’ll continue on to the next spot. The key is for you to be there waiting for them when they make their pass.

Have any additional thoughts or suggestions related to hunting downwind of bedding areas? Or do you have a success story coming from this kind of strategy? Share them in the comments.