There are a couple different lines of thinking for hunting the rut. The first and maybe most popular is to go into the thick stuff, hunt the best spots and get into  or near doe bedding areas. But another strategy worth considering is hunting high visibility areas. Idealy these would be in some kind of natural funnel, resulting in lots of deer traffic. But the reason you want high visibility is because of  the unique success you can have this time of year with calling to bucks.

At no other point in the season are bucks more receptive to calls, so now is the time to employ them. If you hunt an area where you can see a long ways, you’ll have the opportunity to realize there is a buck near, call to them, read their body language and then determine how best to adjust your calling strategy. I would typically start with a grunt at a moderate level and then adjust up in volume until he reacts in a way that would indicate he heard you. If you can’t get his attention with a grunt, try rattling. Either way, once he starts coming your way, stop calling and let him move in on his own.

This tactic when employed correctly can result in super exciting hunts, lots of deer sightings and in the end a buck at the end of a blood trail. Shoot straight Nation!