Good news guys! As of a few days ago, Six Shooter is still roaming my property! About a week and a half ago I noticed a few new scrapes along the edge of the corn behind my house, and I decided to sneak up and hang a camera nearby. This spot is actually only a few hundred yards behind my house and I knew I could get in and out without creating too much of a stir. After waiting just over a week, I pulled the card this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. Tons of deer hitting the scrape, both does and bucks. And probably at least 4-6 unique bucks had visited. Most exciting though was the fact that Six Shooter was one of them.

Now this being said, at this point I’m sure he’s beginning to cruise a larger area. Still, its encouraging that he’s still making some visits to my turf and my hope is still alive. This Thursday, as of now, I’ve got the perfect wind for my best stand near Six Shooter. I have yet to hunt this spot, and now that the rut is here, it’s time to move in.

It’s killing time.

If you haven’t been following the story of my experiences with Six Shooter, you can read about them here and watch video of my encounters here!