You might recognize JT Kreager, as he was the lucky man to grace the cover of North American Whitetail last year with his 196″ Ohio giant. (Read the story here) But it looks like this wasn’t luck after all, but actually just the result of consistent hard work in the whitetail woods. And JT’s work has paid off again this year with another Booner Ohio buck. Below is an excerpt of his story and to read the rest, visit his post on American-Hunter here. – MK

” At about 3:00 I changed my clothes, sprayed down and walked slowly to my stand. That evening was a scorcher on the edge of the foodplot, one of the hottest sits I can ever remember. As the light faded a small six point showed up first, then a few minutes later I saw a large rack moving through the brush, the big 12 was coming from the south, not on the logging road like I’d figured. At about 25 yards he stopped behind a tree and stared into the field for several minutes. I slowly leaned out to get a better look and he must have caught a little of my movement. He circled around and entered the field, then headed towards the smaller buck, which was in my direction. I drew back my Hoyt while he was walking and as soon as he stopped, quartering to me at a little over 20 yards. I don’t recall touching the release but remember the sound of the arrow slicing through, it was what you want to hear. The Slick Trick tipped Carbon Express arrow passed completely through the shoulder and excited his opposite side. He was dead on his feet and piled up just out of sight maybe 80-100 yards away. Walking up to a big old buck like that is what we as American Hunters dream about! His symmetrical rack green scored slightly over 175″.  – JT Kreager

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