Here’s a great story from a friend at Midwest Whitetail. Jack Borcherding’s Iowa kill is a great one to help get us all motivated to sit on stand for long hours during the upcoming weeks. Congrats Jack! – MK

“It all started last year in late October on a cool windy evening. Jared Mills and I just finished work at the Midwest Whitetail office. I looked at the weather and the wind was right for a spot not five minutes away. We decided to go. Jared grabbed the camera and I grabbed my Hoyt. We got all set up and had a great evening. It was beautiful in the woods. It wasn’t until about last light for the camera when a mature buck reared his face. The buck was walking away and I knew I needed to do something so I grunted at him and he stopped, but then continued on walking. It was too good of a buck to give up on, so I let out a snort wheeze and he stopped and turned instantly. Light was fading fast as he closed the distance to 30 yards. I had an arrow on and was ready to draw back when I heard Jared whisper, ” Too Dark, Too Dark”, My heart sank as my first opportunity for an Iowa giant slipped away into the darkness of the night. That is how the deer got his name.

After running a trail camera on the small property all this summer, I was finally able to get a photo of what I thought was “The Dark Knight”. I made a plan to hunt October 13th. The wind was out of the west and perfect for the spot. After hunting in the morning with camera man, Hunter Kailos, and only seeing a few deer I knew this spot was a night spot but I was not discouraged. The winds were heavy and it was a cool evening about mid 50s. The winds were supposed to calm down around 6:00 pm, and exactly at 6:00 pm the winds died down and the woods came alive. As a young button buck nursed his mom, and a 4 pointer fed on acorns behind us, I looked across the creek and was instantly in awe. I turned to Hunter and said “Buck, Big Buck”.

The buck was walking away and even though it was early in the season I decided to grunt at the buck. He stopped and reared his ears back. Then he proceeded to jump the fence and cross the creek. Once across, he made a rub and Hunter and I could tell he was mad. At this point the buck was about 70 yards away and moved a little closer to about 60 yards where he then made a scrape. I would describe the way it looked just like a dog digging up his favorite bone. I grabbed my Death Chamber call and decided to give a small short quiet snort wheeze and he started to come closer. As my heart was pounding in my chest, the deer got closer and closer. He finally made it to about 25 yards and I drew my bow. I asked Hunter, ” Are you on him?”, he replied, ” yes”, and I let the arrow fly. The arrow hit the deer in the shoulder and got good penetration. I was ecstatic. I had just killed not only my first Iowa buck, It was my first buck kill on video and my first mature buck with a bow. After congratulations with Hunter we headed back to the office. We looked at the video and concluded that the shot was a little high and forward, so we would let him lay over night in hopes of not bumping the deer.

After a sleepless night, Hunter, Jared, Ben Koopman and I headed to pick up the trail. We were sure that there would not be much blood with a shot like that. We found small spots here and there and then it stopped. Then we decided to spread out because we knew he was finished. Then about the same time Jared got to the side of the hill I hear,” I see a deer, I see it too”. I had succeeded! Walking up on the deer was amazing and the deer was huge, not rack wise but body wise. After recovering the deer I realized that it was the same deer Jared and I were not about to kill the previous year, “The Dark Knight”. The feeling of being able to put a plan together and kill a deer that had eluded my arrow the year before was amazing. So, sounding like a sequel to a Batman movie, ” The Dark Knight Falls”.  – Jack Borcherding , Midwest Whitetail Iowa

To see Jack’s hunt on video, visit the Midwest Whitetail Iowa show by clicking the link.