Here’s yet another example of the giants that Ohio is producing. Ben Rising of Drury Outdoors has a knack for taking down these mega bucks, and boy has he done it again. Big congrats to Ben! Below is an excerpt from his story, but be sure to visit the Drury Outdoors Journal to read the full tale. – MK

“It was very cool and the thermals were rising perfectly. It was 36 degrees. It felt “BUCKY”. I had a few 1 ½ yr old bucks work the scrape line and head off into the timber without detection so my spirits were high. I had a small doe group come out across the crop and work my way but they acted nervous as they got closer. I soon found out why. All of a sudden Picket stepped out broadside at 33yds. I was rushing to get the camera on and get myself into kill mode all at the same time. What a nightmare trying to film yourself! I got the camera focused on Picket and he turned and walked straight away to 50yds and smelled where I had watched two little bucks fight the night before. I thought he was gone forever. Then the does stepped back out of the timber at 15yds and started popping acorns and one coughed and he turned and started right for me. I kept working the camera trying to get as good of footage as I could. He stopped at 35yds and smelled where some other deer had been and started eating some grass. I centered the cam again and just prayed he would turn and give me a shot. The good Lord answered and he turned. I came to full draw and centered the pin and executed the shot. I heard the hollow sound and knew my shot was good.” – Ben Rising