With rutting bucks doing everything they can to find a doe thats ready to rock, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of their lust for love. How should you do that? One way I’ve found succesful is to use a “doe in estrus” can call. I’ve brought several bucks to my treestand almost like they were on a string, by using these calls. Essentially this call mimics the noise a doe uses when she is ready to breed, not surprisingly bucks like that noise!

My best success has been found when calling to a lone buck, who looks to be cruising for does. Give the call a couple turns and hold on to your treestand. Things could be about to get exciting. I’ve also had success pairing this call with some tending grunts. This simulates a buck following a hot doe. This call sequence usually includes a couple doe bleats, then followed with 4-5 short grunts in rapid succession. It kind of sounds like this….”bleat, bleat, burp burp burp burp”. Over the next week or so, give this shot and hopefully it can help you tag the big one.