When it comes to the future of whitetail hunting, few things are as important as the involvement of our youth. Thats why I just love seeing stories like this one. Big congrats to Tyler on his first archery buck! – MK

“Only two weeks into the Ohio archery season found me perched in a tree stand filming one of my four sons. On this day I was filming one of my middle sons, Tyler. Tyler, who is 12 years old, has been lucky enough to harvest a few smaller bucks with a firearm. However, he has yet to even go on his first archery hunt. Tyler has been shooting a bow above the legal minimum weight for Ohio but the accuracy is not exactly where it needs to be. Well, that wasn’t going to stop Tyler. He asked if he could use a crossbow that we purchased years ago and I said “Yes.” After getting it sighted in, we set out for his first archery hunt.

Upon reaching our hunting spot, Tyler was extremely excited! His excitement continued to grow as we approached the stand and eventually settled in. We weren’t on stand for very long when I noticed a buck approaching our location. The buck was up wind of us and heading down a fence row, right towards our stand. The buck came within 7 yards of our location without offering a shot. After a short standoff of sorts, the buck turned around and took a trail leading him in front of our stand at a quartering away angle. As the buck stopped at approximately 18 yards, Tyler took the opportunity and made a perfect shot! The buck ran about 35 yards before piling up. Not only was this Tyler’s first archery buck, but it was the first 2011 Ohio buck harvested by the Storm Dog Outdoors team!

For those of you that have hunted for years like I have, I can say that none of my experiences compare to the moments I’ve shared with my boys like this one. Being able to harvest a whitetail deer is an accomplishment but being there and sharing this experience with my son was more than anyone could ask for.” – Jon Burke

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