While my time in Ohio was not succesful, I was thrilled to see a fellow Michigan hunter, Cliff Enzor, tag a great OH whitetail. This story is a great example of the value in never giving up. Be sure to check out Cliff’s web series “Whitetail Ghosts” to see more about this hunt. – MK

“Saturday morning marked my last chance to hunt Ohio. I had been hunting the previous 6 days, and hadn’t even seen a shooter buck. At 9AM I was ready to pack my bags and head back home. I looked to my left and all I can see is a deer with a body the size of a tank, heading my way. The buck appeared at 20 yards and I wasn’t even sure if he was a shooter, all I could see was his right side. I drew back and grunted, he stopped dead at 18 yards. Knowing that my trip was coming to an end; I decided to pull the trigger. 130 yards later, there “Dagger” laid. When I shot, I saw something was funky with his rack, but I had no idea his left side had a double main beam measuring 16 inches tall. And adding onto that, a split brow tine on his right. Dagger is my biggest buck to date at 132.5″, 220lbs dressed, and 4 1/2 years old. On my drive back to Michigan the next day, I couldn’t help but smile the whole way.” – Cliff Enzor