Here’s a great story from Steve Tittsworth of Greenback Tactical Hunters. I got to meet Steve this summer and he’s a great guy, working on some really neat things at GTH. Be sure to check out their videos, as they’re top notch. Congrats again Steve on a giant old deer! – MK

” I was watching a nice little eight point chase a doe just below us when Logan again said ” there he is! “. “Where?” I ask as I looked up to see the direction of the camera . “Right There” Logan said as he pointed in the direction of the buck. I still couldn’t find him in my Swarovski’s. Logan was forced to be perched 8 feet above me in this makeshift set ,so his perspective was considerably different than mine. After a few tense moments a Portion of the Buck appeared. He was facing us and wearing out an old fencepost. And by the way….it was Droopy . He was about 400 yards out and there was only one small window for a shot if he continued in the same direction he was traveling. We waited for what seemed like an eternity as the light faded on our last evening. With camera rolling , his head raised and took two steps into the opening. I didn’t take a chance on stopping him and let my 168 grain Berger fly ! The wind was blowing 20 mph plus and the tree was swaying pretty good so I was a little unsure of my shot placement. We were losing light so we decided to get on the blood right away. We made our way to the old fencepost rub and found sign of a good hit. I took about ten steps in the direction it lead and there he was. A monster of a body , but something was funny. As I stepped up to the deer my jaw dropped ! His entire right side was gone! With the deer facing us and at that distance , we could see his left side wrapped around the old fencepost but that was it.

Droopy turned out to be the most mature deer I had ever taken. Somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. A great hunt, great memories, and great film ! Stay tuned for the upcoming episode featuring this awesome deer !”

To read the full story, visit the Greenback Tactical Hunters blog and be sure to watch the episode featuring “Droopy” here!