Marc Anthony, one of America’s premier whitetail hunters and writers, sent me a few details on a recent buck he was able to harvest and what a brute it is! What makes this kill even more impressive is that he did it from the ground! Marc’s ability to stalk on the ground while bowhunting and arrow mature bucks is quite incredible, and I’ve learned a good thing or two from him over the past couple years. Check out his story below and then be sure to follow his other writings on Marc Anthony Outdoors and Non-Typical Hunter. – MK

“A front moved in my area in the middle of the night, so I was Johnny on the spot at 6:30 am. The wind was blowing good and it was blowing from the south in my area. It was a perfect scenario for my situation. Trees were all moving and very busy from the wind, so I walked in undetected. I had a scent wick hanging from a tree over a mock scrape. The wind was blowing in my face, (good for my setup) so I was expecting a buck, hopefully this one, to appear today. About 7:05 am., I heard something walking behind me, so I turned around just in enough time to see this buck walking in toward the scent wick, but downwind, instead of crosswind like I expected. I expected that because there was little cover behind me. Obviously, he was heading toward lower ground because of the front and caught wind of the wick. I was standing next to a tree when he was in sight so I easily drew undetected (because of the wind) and let him have it. He laid down about 60 yards. My son Drake and I about got a hernia trying to put him in the Ranger. Later we found out he dressed out at 255 lbs. He’s a 5 X 5 ten pointer and he nets right around 161”.” – Marc