This year I’ve been in the woods for more consecutive days and hours than ever before. In fact, during my recent vacation I spent almost 10 full days in the treestand and over that time period I sat through everything from hot balmy days, to frigid, blustery sits with rain, snow and sleet. But through it all I sat comfortable, quiet and concealed in a set of camouflage that is without a doubt the best whitetail clothing I have used to date. This season I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on the Sitka Fanatic suit and more than any clothing I’ve worn to date, it’s been a game changer. From superb harsh weather protection, to incredibly well thought out design, I’ve found this suit to be the ideal outer layer for the whitetail hunter.

Now that being said, there’s plenty of season left to go and many cold sits to endure. So I’m planning on reserving my final review until after I’ve weathered those storms. But up to this point, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Fanatic and I wanted to give you all a quick peak at what the Fanatic Jacket specifically has to offer, as it is very unique compared to other hunting coats available. So take a look at the video below from Sitka detailing the Fanatic and keep your eyes peeled for my full review later this year!

For more information on the Sitka Fanatic and other Sitka Gear, visit the Sitka Gear Website.