It’s been quite an interesting week here, as you may have seen. As Wired To Hunt team member Dustin Hotchkin downed a nice buck, and I shot but failed to recover a doe. The heavy snow fall we recieved here in Southern Michigan really seemed to kick the deer into action and it was a welcome sight. That being said, I’m hoping that  I can capitalize on the backend of this weather over the weekend. During my sit Wednesday night I saw over 30 deer in the last hour of daylight, including three bucks, two of which sparred right in front of me. This was certainly a great reminder to me that even though the rut is done, there is still plenty of opportunity. The late season in fact can be an excellent time to harvest a mature buck. Find where they’re feeding, hunt smart, and success can still be had. With that in mind, below are a few articles that should either give you some good info or provide you with a little extra motivation to head out into the frozen tundra! Good luck this weekend!

Shot Placement – The Key To Finding Your Deer – Great tips here about shot placement, a particularly relevant topic for me this week. As my shot on that doe seemed to be a little back and low, which ultimately led to me not getting a fatal shot.

Target Big Bucks, Don’t Mug Your Deer – Big Buck Zone: Great tips on how to pattern and hunt mature bucks, without pressuring them too much!

Giant Iowa Buck, 27 Points, Double Beams, 219 Green – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: The title says it all. Check out this monster.

29 Years Worth of Deer Memories – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: A great story from Dan Schmidt, as he recounts some great memories out in the woods.

Breaking Free From the Tree – Sole Adventure: If you’ve hit a rut while hunting yourself crazy, this may be a good read. I can definitely relate!