Our second episode is here and we’re closing out October with a quick look at how the month went for Wired To Hunt team members Peter Lynch, Corey Fall and Brandon Doering. You’ve seen articles and stories from most of the these guys on the site before, but this episode will be your first chance to see these guys in action. Peter gets on some great Iowa bucks right off the bat, and passes on a few that I’d give my left arm for! So be sure to check that out. Then tag a long for a look at Corey and Brandon’s October experiences, as well as a peek at the summer work they put in prepping for the season with velvet footage and planting food plots.

Keep an eye out soon for our next episode, featuring the beginning of Sweet November and the heat of the rut!

Wired To Hunt 2011 Webisode #2 – Closing Out October from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.