While not the biggest buck I’ve seen down here in Michigan, the deer I call “Six Shooter” has certainly been the animal haunting my dreams most frequently. With four close encounters so far this season, 6+ hours spent watching him, and many trail camera pictures taken I’ve developed quite a history with this buck. But unfortunately, as many of you know, my last encounter with him left me pretty worried that he might be mortally wounded. (Full story on my last encounter here)

Now, almost a month later, I’m hopeful that I may have set eyes on him again.

This past Saturday, I hastily climbed into my treestand overlooking my turnip and winter green food plot, to catch a quick hour and a half hunt. It was a last minute indeavor, but I figured I could at least sneak behind the house for a shot at a doe. No sooner than I got into the tree, I had deer popping out from several directions. The majority of the deer I saw over the course of the evening were heading out of a grassy area to the North East of me and heading into the corn field to my North. In the hour before daylight, I ended up seeing somewhere around 40 deer! But most exciting to me were the four bucks I saw enter the field together. I filmed them for a minute or so, but being 500+ yards away and with fading light, my footage wasn’t very good. That being said, when I returned home later that night and reviewed my film, I realized one of the bucks might be a pretty good one. And after rewatching one section, where this buck turns his head for a split second, I came to the realization that this buck COULD be “Six Shooter”. All I can tell is that he has big forks on either side and a pretty wide spread. He sure looks a lot like the big six pointer I’ve come to know so well. But  he also could potentially be another buck I caught on trail camera, which you can see below.

Either way, it’s exciting to see that a good buck is still in the area and that a handful of other young bucks have made it through gun season as well. In total now, I’ve seen 7 bucks since the firearm season passed, and thats pretty encouraging. Hopefully they’ll make it through the next month and live to grow a year older in 2012. But if “Six Shooter” really is back, I wouldn’t mind having one more encounter with him. Hopefully one that can put some closure on our adventures this fall.