Here’s a terrific story from my friend Chad Searcey and Jordan Mathes of Reality Driven Pursuits, a great hunting web show. I had the opportunity to head out to Nebraska and hunt with Chad last year, and had a blast (You can see video from that hunt here). This year the RDP team has had great success as well and most recently Jordan Mathes closed the deal on a great Missouri buck, while Chad caught in on video. Chad and Jordan have shared their dual perspectives on the hunt below and it’s made for a really interesting read! – MK

“The opening of the Missouri Gun season is always special for my family and friends. This was the 10th anniversary of hosting “Deer Camp” on our Northwest Missouri farm. There are many friends and family members who gather during this weekend for hunting and socializing. The weekend was also special because it was the first time to host the deer camp in our new hunting lodge.  Prior to this year, everyone stayed in a ranch style home but as deer camp has grown we out grew the house. The new lodge certainly provides everyone with more “elbow room!”

As we begin the story of this hunt, Chad and I will both be providing you with our own perspective of this hunt so here it goes…

Jordan Mathes:  Chad Searcey joined our deer camp this year, giving up hunting deer in his home state of Nebraska. Nebraska and Missouri’s gun seasons open at the same time and this was Chad’s first year of not hunting his home state since he was 16 year’s old so I am grateful he was willing to put down his gun and pick up a camera. Chad and I headed to a farm that we knew had huge bucks. It’s the same farm where we filmed a giant early in the archery season. If you’ve watched S2E2 on our website you know which buck I’m talking about. It was a crisp and clear morning with temps in the 40s. The rut was getting hot and bucks were chasing does. We made the walk to our stand location and slipped into our double set up without bumping any deer. The wind was out of the south which was perfect for this location.

Chad Searcey: I was excited to join the guys at their deer camp this year. I had heard a lot about it but as Jordan mentioned, I was usually hunting back in Nebraska the same weekend.  I was pumped to film for Jordan and had a feeling it was going to be a great morning because the farm we were hunting is crawling with big bucks! After I got the camera arm and camera set up I settled into my stand. It was 6:00 a.m. and we had about 30 minutes until shooting light. After about 10 minutes Jordan looked up at me and told me that “mother nature was calling” (that wasn’t his exact words but I’m sure you can infer what he said) and he didn’t think he could sit very long.  I looked at my watch and said…”See if you can slip down quietly, take care of business and get back up as quickly as possible.”  There was about 15 minutes till legal shooting light.

Jordan Mathes: The wind was in our face so I knew I could get down and back up quickly and it was still dark out.  As I was on the ground, I heard a crashing sound out in front of our stand and then a deer snorting and a buck grunting! There was a buck chasing a doe in front of us while I was on the ground! I bet he grunted 50 times! I felt helpless and didn’t know how I was going to get back up in the stand without spooking the deer nor did I know how big the buck was!  As the buck was chasing the doe all over in front of us, I quietly climbed the stand. I took me about 15 minutes to make the 20 foot climb as I had to stop and remain still as the buck chased the doe in and out of our sight.

Chad Searcey: I couldn’t believe it when I heard this buck chasing a doe in front of us while Jordan was on the ground…it never fails right!?!? I could see a large bodied deer and the doe but couldn’t make out the rack as he was about 75-100 yds out in front of me. I was still too dark to see.  I would look down and see what Jordan was doing and then look back up at the buck to see where he was. He chased the doe all over for about 15 minutes. They finally left our sight and Jordan made it back into the stand.  Thank goodness!   About 10 minutes after Jordan made it back into the stand I looked up and saw a large body standing underneath a tree branch about 100 yds away.  It was about 5 minutes after legal shooting light. I used the camera to zoom in on the buck and realized it was a real good buck. I said to Jordan…”Big buck! Big buck!”

Jordan Mathes: At first I couldn’t see the buck but after about a minute of Chad frantically trying to tell me where he was standing I located him and immediately centered him up in my scope. I cranked my scope up to 6 power and looked him over good.  I made sure Chad was on him and told him I was going to take him. I clicked off the safety and slowly squeezed off a round from my .308.  I couldn’t tell if I hit him but according to Chad it looked like a solid hit. Turns out it was a perfect double lung shot and this old Missouri Monarch only ran about 75 yards and piled up. It was 6:40 a.m. and I had punched my Missouri fun ticket! It appeared this buck was on a down-hill slide as he was very old. We’ll find out for sure how old he was once we talk to the taxidermist. He wasn’t the biggest buck on this farm but he was old and mature and I was pumped to take him out of our deer herd.

I would like to thank Chad for capturing this hunt on video and I would also like to thank Mark for sharing our story. If you’d like to watch this hunt, check out  “Season 2 Media.””

-Jordan Mathes