The weekend is finally here and I’m thinking it should be a good one for hunting! At least in my neck of the woods a good cold front is hitting and snow showers are coming through as well. In addition to the weather, the possibility of a late doe in estrus has got me even more excited. If you’ve got a good food source to hunt, that hasn’t been too pressured, you could be in for some good action! So good luck to you all, and be sure to read up on the great deer hunting blog posts below. We’ve got a couple good stories and some really helpful late season hunting tips too!

On Killing – Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: A very insightful piece looking at the idea of killing another animal. Reflective and emotional. I can definitely relate to the authors feelings on the matter and I think he explained this “act” in a very thoughtful way. This quote summarizes pretty well…

“It all boils down to intimacy. Hunting has created an uncommon closeness between the animals I pursue, the meat I eat, and my own sense of self. There is a terrible seriousness to it all that underlies the thrill of the chase, the camaraderie of being with my fellow hunters and deep sense of calm I feel when alone in the wild. I welcome this weight: It fuels my desire to make something magical with the mortal remains of the game I manage to bring home. It is a feeling every hunter who’s ever stared into the freezer at that special strip of backstrap, or hard-won bird or beast understands.”

Don’t Give Up On The Rut – Big Buck Zone: A few more helpful pieces of insight and tips for success during the second rut time period, which could be happening right now!

Persistence Pays – Big Buck Down in Virginia – My buddy Cody Altizer tells a great story of the recent success he had bagging a great Virginia buck. Terrific story of hard work, and great pics to boot!

Post Rut Strategies for Big Bucks – Big Buck Zone: A handful of great strategies for closing the deal in these final weeks of the season. This weekend should be a good one, so read up and hunt hard!