The Sportman Channel is one of the best outdoor cable networks available and it’s host to a lot of great whitetail hunting shows in particular. As much as I enjoy time watching the great shows, it’s even more exciting to catch the Sportsman Channel these days because some of these shows feature Wired To Hunt readers! So with that being said, this years “Sportsman Choice” awards are being voted on right now and I wanted to make sure you were all aware.

Additionally, for what it’s worth, I thought I’d share with you a few of the nominees that I’ll be voting for, that have been great supporters and readers of Wired To Hunt!

Up for Best Hunt Show this year is Whitetail Properties and there aren’t many more deserving shows than this. The WP crew has put together a visually stunning, exciting and super educational show that is absolutely first rate. In addition, many members  of the Whitetail Properties team have become good friends of mine and readers of Wired To Hunt. I’ll definitely be supporting them this year for Best Hunt Show.

In the Full Draw Award category (best bowhunting show) this year is Heartland Bowhunter. HB won the Best Hunt Show last year, and while incredibly deserving of that again in 2011, the best bowhunting show will be a great award as well! As many of you know the 2011 season of Heartland Bowhunter was filled with big bucks, great stories and incredible scenery. There really is no competition in my opinion. Additionally the HB crew have become frequent readers of the site and good friends. I’m always happy to help support their great work, and they’ve been super helpful to our cause here at Wired To Hunt as well. They’ll be getting my vote for the Full Draw Award!

For Best New Series this year another group of readers have been nominated, that being the Hallowed Ground Outdoors team! Joe Sir, JD Huitt, and the rest of the team have done a great job of putting a high quality show together and then doing it with a great message as well. I think they’ve impressed a lot of people with their first season, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it as well. I definitely think they’re worthy of the Best New Series.

So I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s pretty cool that a few members of the Wired To Hunt Nation are up for Sportsman Choice Awards. I’m excited to see how the awards turn out and hope that some of our community here will be represented!

To cast your vote for the Sportsmans Choice Awards, click here.