This weekend I headed to the back part of my property for the first time since November 8th. This is, what I consider, my best spot on my farm and I had wanted to keep it as low pressure as possible until after gun season. Finally with the wind and weather right, I headed in with high expectations Saturday night. Unfortunately, while many does were seen, I didn’t catch sight of a single buck.

On the bright side though, I pulled a trail camera that had been back there and was greeted with a few new faces. Many bucks had visited this location, but two that had came through several times recently were of particular interest to me. It looks like these two could potentially be shooters. They’re definitely not giants, but my goal all along has been to kill a mature buck in Michigan, and these two might qualify as three year olds. The buck in the picture above does have the thoroughbred look typical of a three and a half year old and looks to be a 7 pointer. While the buck below looks to be a decent 8 pointer. I’ll definitely need to see more pics and encounter these deer in the field to have a better idea of maturity, but it’s nice to see a few bucks with potential! If nothing else, these two will be real nice next year.