Second to my own family deer camp in Northern Michigan, there is no place I’d rather spend time during the hunting season than in South Western Pennsylvania at The Baer’s Den. The Baer’s Den is my uncle’s family camp and I’ve had the pleasure to join him and his family and friends several times now to eat, drink, chase deer and laugh a whole lot. This is a camp that truly is a blast to be a part of and though I couldn’t make it there this year, I can’t wait to join them there again, hopefully next year. Early this November, my uncle and his friend Dave took the drive from Michigan to SW PA and they had a really great week. Below is a short tale of their week as told by my uncle’s father Bill Baer Sr., as well as a few additional photos of camp from my last trip there!   – MK   (PS look at that great looking Wired To Hunt hat on my uncle in the far left of the picture above!)

“Our (lets get serious) hunt started the second week of Nov, as this is the last week of archery season in Pa.  Every year my son Dr. Bill Baer and his friend Dave Stevens drive from Grand Rapids , MI to spend a week with my brother Bob, his son Jason, and my youngest son, Chris chasing deer at the Baer’s Den camp in Green Co. Pa.  Jason and Chris only had a day to hunt and unfortunately neither were successful.  But we were hoping for the chase period to kick-in soon, and we  got our wish.  Bucks were on a mission, looking for hot doe.

I have to confess that I am a poor judge of distance.  This factor caused me to miss two nice 8pts before I finally scored.  I will take a range finder next year!  The first two missed were at 46 yards.  I sat in  the same stand three different days and had shots at three different bucks .  The third time was the clincher.  It was a nice 8 point with a 16” spread shot at 35 yds (double lung shot)!  Dave got a nice 7 pt. on Monday evening at just about dark. The deer was 15 yds away and he made a good shot.  We tracked the deer for two hours before we found it in a crabapple thicket.  It was a liver shot and bled internally.  It didn’t go more than 50yd, but was hard to find.  Dr. Bill saw several shooters, but they stayed out of range (Note: Several of these “shooters” were possibly 130-140 class bucks! Awesome for PA! – MK).  My brother didn’t see any shooters, and was a little bummed out.  But overall an exceptional archery hunt was had by all at the Baer’s Den!” – Bill Baer Sr.