As the Drury’s often do, both Mark and Terry both put the smack down on late season bucks at the end of November this year. Terry kicked things off on November 27 with a well placed 30 yard shot with his PSE on this dandy Missouri whitetail. He’s a truly mature deer, and according to Terry’s story on the Drury Outdoors journal, this buck didn’t have a tooth in it’s head!

Two days later brother Mark was able to have similar success in Iowa when he slung an arrow at this gorgeous 160 class whitetail below. This buck was hitting a food plot when Mark got his shot, and interestingly enough, this is a buck that while photographed many times, Mark had never seen in person. Check out Mark’s quick video below about this hunt and then follow the links beneath that to see the full stories, videos and more pics of both of these great bucks!

Terry Drury’s Nov 27 Buck

Mark Drury’s Nov 29 Buck