In continuing our focus on late season tactics, I again wanted to share with you another helpful video from Bill Winke’s Whitetail Watch series. In the previous video we shared, Bill discussed the keys to late season succcess being finding food soures and hunting them only when you had good entry/exit strategies. Now, in this video, he dives further into the decision making process of choosing which food sources to hunt. Keys to this process, at a high level, are finding the most palatable food source at the time and then the most huntable stand location. Huntability is mostly a factor of having the right wind and , again, a strategy for getting in and out stealthily. So if you have a few minutes today to put on some headphones and give this video a watch, I’d highly recommend it. Late season can be a great time to tag a good buck, but you can’t make a lot of mistakes. Bill’s tips in this episode, in my opinion, can do a lot to help you make the most of this last hurrah of the season!