Here’s a great big buck story, with a terrific message as well. Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to chasing mature whitetails, and Brandon Hirsch of BMG Outdoors certainly learned that this year. Congrats on the great buck Brandon! – MK

“My 2011 Wisconsin bow season started off less thrilling than anticipated.  Going into the season my mind and heart was focused on 1 deer, Lawerance Tynes, a deer we thought to be around the 150 inch mark judging by trail camera footage (he actually scored 160”). However November 4th my stepfather harvested him. I had a mixed bag of feelings, I was happy my stepfather finally shot a great buck but at the same time I was unsure if I would see another deer of that caliber.


It was hard to get fired up with the way my season started. I had gone out 13 times without seeing a single deer. Just thinking about the fact that I had gone out 13 times without any deer encounters made me sick.  I really wanted to hang up my bow and focus on goose and duck hunting. Little did I know my luck would change on November 13th, a week and 2 days from when my step father shot Lawerance Tynes.

I sat the night before and had great encounters with three shooters, including a 150” eight pointer, so we had a good feeling about the morning hunt. Greg Haak, Mark Mitchell, and I found ourselves in the same area with the hopes history would repeat itself.  Greg was equipped with the camera to film Mark in hopes a shooter would present them with a shot. Filming me would’ve been a challenge since the tree I sit in has very little cover.  We arrived in our stands at 5:15 am. Prior to legal shooting time I had 12 deer come within 40 yards of my stand.  I heard a deep grunt in the marsh walking towards me.  I knew it was the 150” 8 I’d been watching.  First light came and there he was standing around a hot doe.  I watched him for an hour before the doe started making her way towards me.  She stopped at 20 yards; he was a little behind her presenting me with a 20 – 25 yard shot.  I drew back as he started to walk towards her, all I could think about was it’s do or die time.  I grunted at him stopping him in his tracks and let the Rage fly.  I watched my arrow hit him in what I thought was the shoulder blade.  He ran off about 150 yards and started to wobble, I watched him in my binoculars as he fell over.  I stood there shaking and in shock.  Did I really just shoot my first buck with my bow?  In process of letting Greg and Mark know I just shot the 8, a 130” 9 started making its way towards me.  I knocked another arrow thinking he could give me a shot too. He didn’t like what he saw in the area so he trotted off.

Greg and Mark made their way to my stand where we began to track my buck.  An hour and a half after I shot we recovered my buck which I ended up making a double lung shot on.  It ended up scoring 152 5/8”.  I set my standards high saying I wasn’t going to shoot anything under 120”s, and mount anything under 150”s.  I’ll give you one guess where this buck is at right now! The buck is believed to be 4.5 years old, and we never had any pictures or videos of him.  Hunting isn’t always easy and doesn’t always go the way you want it to go.  I learned the hard way this year but just kept my head in the game and boy did it sure pay off!   So next time the going is getting tough for you, just keep going!” –  Brandon Hirsch

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