I last hunted this past Sunday evening, out of the same treestand I’d seen Six Shooter from earlier this year. Over the course of the evening sit I saw a good number of does, but not a single buck. Seems like I was just there a day early! A few days after that hunt I drove my truck out to the trailcam on the edge of the field late at night and pulled the card. What did I see? Several bucks munching on the BB2 in front of my camera in broad daylight!  So that being said, hopefully this weekend I can be on stand at the right time and maybe one of the better bucks on my property will make the fateful mistake of stepping out.

I certainly hope you’re all seeing some good bucks and maybe even putting one down on the ground. Make sure to shoot us an email if you do, we’d love to share your story.

But without further adieu, read on for several of the best blog posts of the week from the deer hunting web!

No Sign Strategies for Bucks – Ask Winke – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Here are some great tips from Bill Winke on how to hunt bucks, when you can’t find traditional sign!

Q&A With the Pro’s: Mechanical and Fixed Blade Broadheads – Bowhunting.com: Very interesting interview with Chris Kozlik of New Archery Products, in which the merits of fixed vs expandable blade broadheads are discussed.

Filming Your Hunts – HuntingNet.com: A few helpful tips on filming your hunts!

A Buck Named Flyers – MidwestWhitetail.com: Here’s a great story from Bill Winke as he discusses the journey leading up to his son killing a giant buck named Flyers!

The Many Ways We Hunt – The Ethical Hunter (Deer and Deer Hunting): An interesting update from Deer & Deer Hunting as they discuss the creation of a new show, that will highlight how average every day americans really hunt. They’re looking for opinions and suggestions for what you’d like to see, so make sure to head over and give some feedback!