Today’s big buck story comes from Willie Urish, creator of the Outdoor Freaks blog! Willie’s successful hunt had a little bit of a twist at the end for him, but thats part of hunting, right? – MK

“The first day of gun season found me situated in a stand overlooking a couple of chunks of timber that we’ve seen a lot of deer in during the bow season. Only a half hour into the sit, I had a little 6pt come right up 25 yards away and mill around in the CRP. After a few minutes, he headed off to one of the wooded ridges around me. As he was just getting into the timber – a nice buck came around the CRP hill. He looked good – but I just wasn’t sure he was old enough to make my Mossberg bark. Being the idiot I am – I had forgotten my binoculars back in the cabin.

After the two bucks made their way into the timber only 80 yards away, I get a text from my Uncle – “good buck coming your way”.

 Bummer! The nice buck I had seen was old enough! Turns out, it was a wide mature 8 we’ve got on trail camera a few times. Oh well – it was early and anything can happen this time of the year in Illinois. After 15 minutes of self pity – a doe materialized out of the timber to the West, and heads into the timber the bucks had just went into. Perfect! Live bait.

The next half hour, I saw the bigger buck and doe three times, all on top of the ridge – without a good shot opportunity. I was beginning to think he had chased her onto the neighbors property – and out of my wall hanging dreams.

Well, 45 minutes later I see what I think to be the tall, wide 8pt coming off of the same trail the two bucks had taken earlier – it’s him!

Quartering away at 80 yards, I pulled up the scope and quickly sent three slugs through his lungs. A final shot put him down for good at 100 yards. This deer was tough!

As I made my way to my downed trophy – I was not met with the mature whitetail I had hoped – but rather a 2.5 year old 8pt that I never got pictures of. In all the excitement, I had mistook his 11” G2’s for maturity. He isn’t as old as I would have liked – but it was still a great hunt,and one that I won’t soon forget. On the grill, you can’t tell how old they are anyway!” – Willie

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