As is usual for the Lakosky’s, big bucks have been falling at a pretty steady rate this year. While we don’t have any first hand accounts from the infamous Lee & Tiffany (yet), I just had to share a few pictures I’ve seen across the web of the monsters they’ve put on the ground this year. You guys won’t complain, will you?

The buck you see above, being graced by the presence of the easy on the eyes Tiffany, was shot in Alberta, Canada early this season. The full story can be found on Realtree’s Rack Report here.

But of course, Lee wasn’t one to be outdone. So also having success in Canada early this year, Lee killed his widest buck to date. Supposedly 25 inches wide! His full story is on the Realtree Rack Report as well.

From there things slowed down a little bit until late October when Tiffany, as she often likes to say, “smoked a GIANT Iowa whiteail!” The story of her October 29 buck is on The Crush TV website here.

Then again in mid November Lee put the smack down on this mega-giant of an Iowa buck with his Matthews, which you can read more about here.

Now the last I heard was that Tiffany dropped the hammer on this buck with her TC in December, but we’ll just have to wait for more details!

So with all these great bucks biting the dust at the hands of the Lakosky’s, we’ll definitely want to keep our eyes on the upcoming installments of the Monster Bucks and Whitetail Freaks DVDs to sneak a peak at these kills. I’m certainly looking forward to it!