The 2011 rut has come and gone for the Wired To Hunt team and we certainly had some exciting and eventful days. In the third webisode of the year we take a look back at a few of the highlights for the team over the first week weeks of November, as well as recapping my 6 day rut hunt in Michigan from Nov 3 – 8. You may have already read about some of my encounters, in particular the nice 8 pointer I (mistakenly) passed, so be sure to check out the episode to finally see how this went down. Additionally I discuss a few of the major lessons learned for me during the 2011 rut and hopefully a few of those might be helpful for you as well.

For me and I’m sure many of you, the rut can be a roller coaster of incredible highs and terrible lows. But it’s those incredible emotions that, in the end, are what bring us back out to the deer stand year after year. Hope you enjoy the video!