With holiday celebrations under way last week I took a little time off, so I have to apologize for missing this past week’s “Friday Morning Mashup”! That being said, to make up for it, I’ve put together a belated list of top hunting articles for you today! Most of our whitetail seasons are winding down, but the great reading material available online is certainly still in great supply. Read on for some great tips and encouraging stories from across the whitetail world.

Late Season Tactics: Find the Right Food – Big Buck Zone: It’s simple, but so true. Hunting the food sources is the name of the game during these final days of the season. And if you still haven’t had success, this video has a few more good tips for ya.

Potential Record Breaking Typical Taken In Illinois – Whitetail 365: The latest possible record book buck has been taken in Illinois and it’s a supposed 228 typical!

Saskatchewan Monster Typical Buck – 203″ – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Speaking of big typicals, here’s another giant coming from Canada. Wouldn’t you like to see one like this before the seasons over?

Wisconsin Bowhunter Completes 4 Year Quest for Drop-Tine Buck: A great story of persistence and how hard hunting can get the job done.