The moment I pull up new trailcam pics on my computer is always a tense one. The anticipation, the excitement, the hope that maybe a monster buck will finally show its face. Last night was no exception, as I excitedly pulled up my laptop and began scanning through my latest batch of photos. Although no new monster buck showed up, I did get a few new pics of a buck I’ve been thinking might be hit list worthy. And now with these photos, and the new angles they provide, I can confidently say that this is the best buck on my farm right now and most likely is 3 1/2 years old. With that being said, he’s on the hit list for the last few days of the season. But if I don’t get a crack at him, it won’t be all bad, because I’d be thrilled to see what he turns into next year!

So given all of that, I need some help naming this buck! His most unique characteristic seems to be his left side, which is essentially one big main beam with a brow and then a very small G2. Kind of reminds me of a spear or something, but I’m counting on you guys to come up with a better name idea than that.

So lets hear it! Post your name ideas in the comments!