In a snap, a flash, a brilliant second. It’s here and gone. My 2011 season has passed by me, much more quickly than I can believe and so here I sit thinking about 2012. A new season begins today and an important part of my preparation will be reading and consuming as much new information about whitetails as I possibly can. I know I’ve got lots of work to do if I want to achieve my goals in 2012, and I figure it can start right now by reading up on some great whitetail articles from across the web. So check out our Friday Morning Mashup below with me, and happy new year!

Map Your Bowhunting Success – Whitetail Properties Blog: Great tips from Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties, as he discusses how maps can help you achieve big buck success.

Make It Happen – Late Season Mature Bucks In Warm Weather – DreamDirt: If your season is still running, this article has some great tips for how to still close the deal, despite warm temps that have been hitting the midwest.

Bucks Shedding Antlers Early – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods examines early shedding of antlers, antler production and how it may correlate to habitat.

Controversial Research: Bacteria, Not Prions Causes CWD – Deer & Deer Hunting: Interesting findings that point to bacteria being the cause of CWD, rather than the commonly believed notion that Prions are to blame.

Camera Equipment for Filming Your Hunts – Here’s a great Q&A with Campbell cameras as they discuss the kind of equipment you’ll need to start filming your hunts.