Here’s a great buck today that reader Brian Bornemann of “Bornemann’s Afield” took this fall in Northern Wisconsin. He’s got a great story, so be sure to check out the excerpt below and then read the full tale by following the link beneath. Congrats Brian! – MK

“…Like always, it happens so fast. On what was likely to be my last day afield for 2011, I had taken the biggest buck of my life. A 145”, 10 point, Northwoods “screamer” (as Darin calls them.) The body was the biggest I have ever personally seen, likely eclipsing 200 lbs. Adding to the moment, it was my first buck with a firearm since 2004 and first with a muzzleloader since 2003. I had come so close to leaving the blind that day and was reminded of the value of patience and trust in the location when it all came together in the end. But, most special of all, I was rewarded by the pursuit in God’s great land and with some fortunate timing was able to share it with my brother Darin and cousin Tim.” – Brian Bornemann

For the full story,  visit the Bornemann’s Afield website here!