The ATA show, aka Archery Trade Association show, is the largest archery/hunting convention in the United States and boy is it an incredible event. The latest and greatest bows, hunting accessories, gizmos and gadgets. “TV hunters” (ie. the Drury’s, whom I’m pictured with above at last years show), random celebrities (like Scottie Pippen last year haha), manufacturers and retailers. You’ll find the who’s who of the hunting world in Columbus, Ohio this week and I count myself lucky to be invited to such an event.

With such a plethora of hot new products and exciting announcements taking place, I’m going to do my very best to report back to you all on the latest and greatest in the hunting/archery industry. While you can of course look forward to many product videos, first impressions and news updates on the blog over the coming weeks, I’m also going to be covering the show as close to “live” as I can through our Facebook page!

I’m going to be posting a TON of photos and updates from the show on Wednesday, so be sure to hop over to the Wired To Hunt facebook page, click “Like” and check back frequently! And if you have a certain product or brand that you’re particularly interested in hearing about, post your request on our Facebook wall and I’ll be sure to head over there and send you an update and pic from the booth!

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Update 1/12/12: Now that I’ve returned from ATA – be sure to check out my recap and first impressions here.