The 2012 ATA show is now in the history books, but show season is really just kicking off. I’ll be continuing our coverage at the SHOT show next week in Las Vegas and then we’ll be hitting a few more deer expos throughout the winter, so look for some great info on new products this winter! In regards to my ATA show content, look for new product videos and other interviews getting posted this weekend or early next week!

That being said though, there are still some folks hunting and if you are, I wish you the best of luck out there! In this weeks Friday Morning Mashup we’ve got big bucks, a few updates from the ATA and a couple more interesting articles related to deer hunting in general. Really  a little bit for everyone, no matter if you’re still hunting or are already planning for 2012. So read on and enjoy!

ATA Update – A bunch of pictures of some of the ATA’s coolest new products!

ATA: Stealth Cam’s new  Drone – Stuck In The Rut: A cool new trailcam from the Stealth Cam, this one with cellular technology allowing you to view your photos remotely. This isn’t something completely new, but it looks like it’s been done in a good way w/these cams.

Confessions of a Mediocre Shot, and Some Thoughts On How To Get Better – Big Buck Zone: Some helpful tips for improving your ability to make consistent shots with a firearm!

Wolves and Deer Hunters: A New Year – Deer & Deer Hunting: Some thoughts on the recent announcement from Minnesota that they’ll be launching a wolf hunting season in 2012 and how this might affect deer hunters as well.

Illinois Dream Buck – Main Frame 8 Scores 160 Plus – Big Deer Blog: A story of a giant 8 pointer killed in Illinois. Sure would love to see one of these next year!

How Weather Conditions Effect Hunting – Growing Deer TV Blog: As always, Dr. Grant Woods has some great insight into whitetail behavior, this time in particular it’s relation to weather. Very interesting.