Our story today comes from Whitetail Properties land specialist Gabe Adair, who provides us all a reminder that you can’t kill em from the couch. On a late December hunt, with miserable conditions, Gabe stuck it out and it paid off big time. Congrats Gabe! – MK

“The entire late muzzy season had been extremely warm conditions. It was a morning hunt and the night before it rained (not snow!) all night and the wind blew 25 mph. I woke up and just about didn’t head out because of being so frustrated with the horrible conditions. After 1 hour of watching the news I decided “cant kill them on the couch”, so we loaded up and headed out. The tree stand we were hunting I had an encounter with this buck in archery season and told my camera man if he came around I would shoot him. We got to the tree in total darkness started setting up all our equipment and as I snapped my breach plug shut I noticed a “white flicker” only 30 yards from our tree. At that moment we were on pins and needles with deer on 2 sides of us for 30 minutes prior to camera light. There ended up being 5 or 6 bucks that milled around and spared for 30 minutes after camera light. As the deer started heading to where I knew they bedded I decided to give them a grunt so we could get some better film hopefully before they left. It worked perfect…. All of them turned and headed straight to us. As they approached it got real tough because we had them all around and one even got a little spooky. I looked up on top of the ridge and noticed a “shooter” that was not with the original 5 or 6 headed straight at us. He came to 60 yards and gave me a perfect high shoulder shot. I put it on him and he dropped in his tracks!!!! The end.” – Gabe Adair

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