The view from my hotel room this morning in Las Vegas.

Gotta love show season! While seemingly just returning from the ATA show in Ohio, I’m now already waking up this morning across the country in Las Vegas, Nevada, here for the only hunting related show bigger and more exciting than the one I was at last week! The SHOT show is the nation’s number one hunting, shooting and outdoor related convention and I’ll be attending for the first time this year. I’ve actually heard rumors that if you were to walk down every aisle of this convention once, you would walk something like 30 miles!

That being said, I’m not planning on seeing everything! haha. But, I am planning on seeing as much as I can that pertains to whitetail hunters. New rifles, muzzle loaders, trail cameras, camo and accessories, I’m sure there will be tons to see. So as we did last week, I’m planning on sharing as many pictures and updates as I can throughout the day on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page.

Be sure to “Like” our page, and then check back frequently as I’ll be posting all the highlights throughout the day. And hopefully late this week I’ll be able to get videos from ATA and SHOT online too!

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