The last two days at the SHOT show have brought the announcements of the winners for both the Sportsman Channel and Outdoor Channel’s 2011 awards. Of course this is always an exciting set of annoucements, but this year it’s even more so, as a bunch of folks who follow Wired To Hunt took home hard-wear!

Specifically on the Sportsman Channel side, all four major hunting related award winners were shows put together by people that are part of the Wired To Hunt Nation! Huge congrats to all of our friends and keep up the great work!

So without further adieu, here are the winners of the most relevant awards from the two ceremonies!

Sportsman Channel – Sportsman Choice Awards

Best Hunt Show – Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke: Big win here for our friends at Midwest Whitetail, who actually won by write-in!

Best Bowhunting Show – Heartland Bowhunter: Definitely a deserving award for our pals over at HB!

Best Animal – Whitetail Deer from Whitetail Properties: While I thought WP was also deserving of the best hunt show, I’m glad they at least got some recognition on award night with this award.

Best New Show – Hallowed Ground Outdoors: Great news here for our friends at Hallowed Ground Outdoors who had a great first season!

Outdoor Channel – Golden Moose Awards

Fan Favorite Hunting Show – Bone Collector: Finally got to meet Michael, Nick and T-Bone at the ATA and SHOT shows, all great guys and look for them to appear more on Wired To Hunt in the future!

Best Big Game Hunting Show – Driven TV with Pat & Nicole

Best Deer Hunting Show – Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors:

Fan Favorite Overall Show – Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild: Big win here for my fellow South Central Michigan hunter!