I’ve always figured that success while whitetail hunting occured by virtue of three things. Skill, determination and luck. And today’s story from Greg Haak highlights possibly the most important. That being luck! I learn as much as possible, and hunt crazy hard, but I’ll take lucky any day. And that’s just what Greg did with this dandy Wisconsin buck. Congrats Greg! – MK

“With early bow season behind us, the annual gun season is underway in Wisconsin. Even though I gun hunt every year I don’t get very excited for it because I usually don’t see too much. Opening was uneventful like usual for my property. All I saw were two deer all weekend; a nubber and a little 6 point. Luckily deer activity always seems to pick up after opening weekend and I had off the whole week from work because business was slow. When Monday morning rolled around my alarm went off at 5:45 to get out to my stand; but since I was already irritated with the gun season I decided to go back to sleep. I finally got up around 8 am, ate breakfast and watched Sports Center, debating where I was going to hunt in the evening.

Around 9 am I decided to walk through a little strip of trees behind my parents figuring I wouldn’t see anything.  As I expected nothing was up but as I got to the field trail and was walking down the hill I looked up and saw something that didn’t look familiar about 250 yards away. I quick glassed it confirming it was a buck with a doe. I wasn’t sure if he was big enough to shoot but he looked like a decent 8 point. I knew I had to sneak about 10 yards down farther to get a shot. A few minutes later I was in position but wasn’t sure were the buck went!  I sat there for a little while and finally I saw the doe getting chased by the buck 150 yards away. I got my gun up and the buck turned and I could tell he was a 10 and could see one broken point, definitely a shooter.

I clicked the safety off and just as I was about to pull the trigger he took off after the doe again. I lost him. I was reluctantly scanning the bottom just as a buck would that comes in to rattling looking for a fight. Then I saw him 100 yards away in the bottom of the corn field. I got my gun on him clicked the safety off, settled the cross hairs and pulled the trigger. The buck didn’t move. He stood there as healthy as could be. I slowly loaded another shell and looked through the scope. I saw the culprit; a broken sapling laid 5 feet in front of me!! I quickly moved up a little, settled the cross hairs for the second time and again shot, same result as the first shot, a clean miss. I couldn’t believe it; I looked in front of me and noticed a second broken sapling. Ironically the buck ran ten yards towards me, stopped, picked up a whole ear of corn and started eating. I stood up this time ensuring no brush was between me and the buck, laid my cross hairs on him for the third time and pulled the trigger. This time I drilled him and he ran 40 yards and pilled up.

When I walked up to my buck I was pleasantly surprised. He was a typical 12 with a broken g3 and g4 on opposite sides. As soon as I got him home I got the tape out and grossed him at 151 3/8 with the broken point; if he was complete he would be around 165”. What an awesome day. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky then good.” – Greg Haak

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